Installation of nesting boxes for the protection of birds in the ecological corridor of Lubero territory

rapports realisations

Our existence, as well as that of animals, is threatened as human activities increase the pressure on ecosystems. Forests are becoming increasingly remote and communities’ livelihoods are becoming scarce as biodiversity is degraded. Many animal species, birds, reptiles and other invertebrates that are very important in maintaining the ecological balance are disappearing over time and this is a huge loss for the biosphere.
Community leaders, state actors and society must agree on an ideal of rational management of natural resources in order to leave an environment capable of providing the necessary means of subsistence for future generations.

The action of politicians alone cannot bring about the desired change, which is why collaboration with the social layers of the communities in the decision-making circle is very important. It is currently demonstrated that innovative models of engagement of the populations and/or beneficiary communities lead to change and social progress.
The participation of communities through small groups, especially youth, leads to greater engagement and to the development of strategies to reduce threats to global biodiversity.

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