First Phase of Vaccination Against Canine Rabies at KIBUA

Our association Self Promotion Group, GSP made a sounding the alarm since the month of January about the tragedy of canine rabies in the territory of Walikale, precisely at Kibua village and other surrounding villages. This situation has made several losses in human life and animal. In the interval of time ranging from January to this month of February 2018, the nurse responsible licensee of the Health Center of KIBUA has compiled a balance sheet of 14 persons who died of because of their injuries due to bites of rabid dogs. The situation has been serious to the point that the local communities have committed a group of young people responsible for tracking all the dogs in the villages and kill them.

Any person who wanted to protect his dog was asked to pay a sum of money of 80.000CDF equivalent to US $50 to save his dog. But! Given that the wars in repetition have plunged the local communities in great poverty, person has not been able to pay this money, that is why 311 dogs were savagely murdered in 6 villages including KIBUA, Rwandanda, Limangi, Ishunga, Kalonge and Mera. These figures have been confirmed by our surveys of the holders of these animals. We shall, remember that these dogs were slaughtered on the order of the local authority as the only means at their disposal to fight against canine rabies in the erea.

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